Fearless Investigative Uncover Journalist for many media outlets, author and entrepreneur Dr. Badal Kariye is Editor-at-Large at The Somali Media Empire which belongs the most of Media Outlets in the Horn of Africa, author of 104 books, regulator contributor to many private and public media outlets about current events and political changes in the 21st century, and he is also a Professor of Political Sociology, and he is an experienced and sought-after speaker on a range of topics such as: the Artificial Intelligence of the future, Silicon Valley’s reinvention of the world, white collar crime, ethics, morality, energy, corporate, state governance, finance and geopolitics.

He can guide audiences through the world of tech and business, politics as well as social trends. He connects the dots between all these worlds like no other multilingual commentator. He is a professional, polished speaker who has addressed audiences around the world in various multimedia platforms and live events.

He is also a Member of several local, regional and international educational and research institutions.