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Minneapolis on Saturday June 9, 2018 I, Dr. Badal Kariye apologize, seek and ask everyone’s forgiveness about personal, business and professional encounters of disagreements or arguments. On behalf of my family and I are kindly forgiving everyone in this Holy Month of Ramadan. I will be going to perform the Islamic Pilgrimage (Hajj) In this Islamic Hijri Calendar 1439. Insha Allah!

We forgive everyone.

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Minneapolis on Saturday 14, 2017 Aniga oo ah Qoraa Dr. Badal Kaariye waxaan tacsi u dirayaan qoysaskii iyo qaraabadii ay ka geeriyoodeen dadkii masaakiinta ahaa ee Muqdisho lagu halaagay, waxaan dadka dhaawacan u rajaynayaa inuu Illaahay sida ugu dhaqsaha badan u caafiyo.


Know the Facts about Somalia’s Attendances in Delusional Conferences
My advice to Somalis and #Somalia’s Leaders is very simple, let’s hold every conference in our homeland – Somalia where we can sit under the shady acacia three. Surely, we are fed up with the regional and internationalized geopolitical interventions which had been dragging out our internal clashes since 1978 until now on.

So far, we know that every member of Lower and Upper Houses of Representatives either spent money to take up and grab their seats or they got bribes to vote in interesting presidential candidate illegally or Prime Minister’s approval in order to get a cabinet post or other financial support in terms of needs in the near future.

And we still have not appointed the Somali Judiciary Commission to do and take care of legal activities in Somalia therefore; corruption is still normal practice among top Somali leaders.

By the way, many of the Lower and Upper Houses of Representatives are trying their best to represent foreign entities rather than Somali people whom they have already deprived their rights, and it is the best time to stop such illegal practices in Somalia if we want to see prosperous Somalia.

Somalia needs transparency, accountability and trustworthy, and if there is no Somali Judiciary Commission then corruption is as normal practice as most Somalis do drink for tea or seek for Khat/Miraa!

Let’s all comply with and enforce the Somali Constitution!

Foreigners won’t help us unless we stand together.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Badal Kariye
Author of 104 Books, Investigative Journalist, Security Expert, Entrepreneur and Diplomat.